Meet Jo

Hi all! Welcome to my blog. I had an old blog ( but I cannot access it anymore so I exported all my blogs from there and posted them here.

Let’s write and read together! 🙂

Joahna is an enthusiast of every life’s wonder! She loves to wander, travel, and have an insatiable appetite! 🙂


I love writing. Whether I am happy, sad, in love, devastated, lonely, or whatever mood or state I am, I write. ‘Coz I when I put it on paper, when I publish it, when I dig through my own feelings by giving them life on a page, I work through my own problems.  To put it simply, I find refuge in writing.

Right now, I write about my confessions in relationships, my travels here and abroad, and anything I can come up with as long as it makes sense to me.

I am also a coffee addict drinking an absurd amount of coffee, hence, the title of this blog.

I have a zest for extreme adventures and I try to live my life filled with excitement, bliss, and extraordinary experiences: meeting new people; sleep-over parties with beers and pizza; swimming, mountaineering, and other extreme sports; talking; tackling gender issues  and learning about various cultures; travelling; photography; and eating.

And the best thing I love most: just doing nothing at times.


Welcome to my blog! 🙂


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